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Re'Shae N. Green



Re’Shae N. Green, a proud native of Prince George’s County, Maryland, is a multifaceted African American woman with a passion for mental health advocacy and children's literature. Rooted in faith, family, and friendship, Re’Shae’s life is guided by a deep commitment to empowering others and challenging societal stigmas.

Formerly an English language arts teacher in Washington, DC, Re’Shae now focuses her energy on pursuing her Master's in Social Work at Fordham University. Her transition from the classroom to the realm of social work reflects her unwavering dedication to supporting individuals in navigating their mental health journeys.

Driven by her own experiences grappling with mental health challenges as a child, Re’Shae is a fervent advocate for destigmatizing mental illness, particularly within the African American community. Her forthcoming children's book series, starting with Emmel Zealous: Hip-Hop Dreams, serves as a powerful testament to her mission. Inspired by her personal struggles with anxiety disorder, Re’Shae’s stories aim to empower today’s youth to confront and conquer their own obstacles.

In addition to her literary endeavors, Re’Shae co-founded Stay Blessed LLC, a public relations company, and It’s a Girl’s Life, a nonprofit organization dedicated to women’s empowerment through mentorship. Through these initiatives, she continues to uplift and inspire others, leaving an indelible mark on her community and beyond.

With each page she writes and every life she touches, Re’Shae Green is on a mission to spark meaningful change, instill hope, and remind individuals that they are worthy of love, support, and success.

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