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Re’Shae N. Green grew up in beautiful Prince George’s County,  Maryland. Faith, family, and friends are the important life pillars that  govern Re’Shae’s life. When she isn’t spending time with her friends  and family, she wears the hat of a girl boss as the co-founder of two  service-based organizations. Re’Shae leads Stay Blessed LLC, a public  relations company, and It’s a Girl’s Life, a nonprofit organization  dedicated to women’s empowerment through programs that focus on  uplifting youth and spreading wisdom through mentorship.

Re’Shae is also an English language arts teacher in Washington, DC. In her  educational role, she teaches middle schoolers. 

Emmel Zealous: Hip-Hop Dreams is Re’Shae’s first children’s book.  She was inspired to start this series "Emmel Zealous Hip-Hop Dreams" after struggling with anxiety  disorder as both a child and an adult. She hopes to help today’s youth  face, manage, and overcome their struggles with anxiety, just as she did. 

Named after Re’Shae’s late grandmothers Emma and Melva,  Emmel has a story meant to inspire and encourage young girls and boys to go after their dreams, no matter how big they may seem. This project is the first of many books she plans to write to support  children who struggle with anxiety disorder. Her overall mission is to give them hope and simply remind them that they can.

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