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Through Emmel's struggles and coping mechanisms, young readers can learn how to cope with mental health and anxiety in new places. Taking deep breaths, positive self-talk, and finding a hobby or activity that brings joy can all help deal with anxiety. It's important to remember that feeling anxious or scared is okay and that there are ways to cope with those feelings. Like Emmel, anyone can overcome their fears and anxieties with practice and perseverance.

Emmel learned that dancing was not only a way to express herself but also a way to cope with her mental health and anxiety. It was a reminder that everyone has different coping mechanisms, and finding the ones that work for you is essential. By sharing her story, Emmel hoped young readers would feel empowered to explore new experiences and find healthy ways to cope with their mental health and anxiety.

Emmel Zealous Coping with Anxiety at Summer Camp

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